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My name is Avi Zomer, I am 46 years old with a Master's degree in Geography and I really like to travel.
I am a certified Tour Guide, qualafied in both English and Hebrew.
I'd love to guide your:

  • Family trips: water attractions and fun.

  • Hikes: either easy or hard.

  • On-road and off-road viechel trips, with my car or leading a convoy.

  • ​Guided tours of museums, heritage sites and city centers. 

Come and take a tour with me, your private tour guide!

You can choose one of the proposed tours or we can plan together a tailor-made personal tour that fits you.

Currently on sale:

1.  500₪ for a tour in central Israel.

2. 700₪ for a tour in the north or south.

3. 1000₪ for a full-day tour + camping for the night.

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My Favorite Trips

Ibex Family

The South

Hamakhtesh Hagadol (the big Crater) - Mount Avnon Overlook, the Fin Mountain, Ein Yorke'am Spring.

Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater) - Mount Gamal, the Colors Park, Ein Saharonim Spring, HaMinsara.

Be'er Sheva - Anzac Museum, Negev Monument, Abraham Well, Tel Be'er Sheva.

Road to Mizpe Ramon - Ben Gurion Museum, Ovdat, Mizpe Ramon Visitor Center.

Neot Hakikar - Ein Plotit (the Love Spring), Neot Hakikar's Mushroom, the Dead Sea.

the White Canyon - the White Canyon, Gev Zenifim.

Kasui Dunes - Kasui Dunes, Mikdash Hanemerim, Yotvata.

Ada Canyon - Ada Canyon, Paran's Mushroom.

Sde Boker Area - Ben Gurion's Tomb, the Whistling well, Ein Akev Spring.

Peres Stream Trail.

Zin Valley - Gev Zarhan, Mount Rehev Eye.

Hemar Stream.

Vardit and Barak Canyons.

Food Market

Shephelah and Jerusalem Corridor

Ramla - the Sleeping Beauty. the Mosque, the White Tower, the Franciscan Church, the Pool of Arches.

Beit Govrin

Jerusalem Mountains - the Stalactites Cave, Biblical Natural History Museum, Armored Corps Museum.

Biblical ruins (Tells) - Tel Gezer, Tel Tzora, Tel Azekah, Tel Lachish.

Holy places and crusader forts - Ramla's Mosque, Abu Gosh Monastery, Tomb of Samuel.

Ein Karem - Ein Karem, Church of St. John the Baptist, Church of the Visitation, the Spring.

Bayt Itab - Bayt Itab ruins and Ein Itab Spring.

Horvat Hanut and Ein Mata - Ein Mata Spring, Ein Tanur Spring, Horvat Hanut ruins.

Sansan Reserve - Nahal Hamaayanot overlook, Lamed He Battle Hill, Tel Azeka ruins.

The Road to Jerusalem in the Independence war - from Al-Qastal to Reches Shayarot and from Burma Road to Latrun.

Judea and Samaria (including north Judean desert)

Hebron - Abraham Avinu and Chabad Synagogues, Hebron Heritage Museum, Ancient Hebron Ruins.

Abraham Spring, Yishay and Ruth's tombs.

Samaria for Beginners - Einot Anar Springs, Israel's Lookout overlook, Ariel, Shiloh, Kidah overlook.

Gush Etzion - Deer-Land park, Mizpor Haelef, Gush Etzion Heritage Center, Biyar Aqueduct.

Wadi Qelt and Qasr Al-Yahud - Ein Prat Spring, St. George overlook, Qasr Al-Yahud.

Talkid Piran - Nahal Talkid and Nahal Piran Streams.

Samaria for non-Beginners - Mount Grizim, Itamar Three Seas Lookout, Alexandrium (Sartaba) fortress.

North Jordan Rift Valley - from Elon Moreh to Hamra and then to a warm Spring and a cool Spring.

From Nabi Musa to Metzoke Dragot - Nabi Musa mosque, a drive through Hahe'etekim Cliff to Metzoke Dragot Beach (Shantiochus beach).

From the Herodion to the Marsaba - Herodion, Uzziah water pit, Marsaba overlook.

Old City Jerusalem


The Christian Quarter and Tower of David - the Catholic, Coptic, Melkite and Orthodox Patriarchies, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Nevsky Church, Church of the Redeemer, Tower of David.

The Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall Tunnels - Rooftops overlook, Hurva, Sepharadic and Ramban Synagogues, the Western Wall and the Western Wall Tunnels.

Kidron Valley and the Via Dolorosa - Avshalom's Tomb, Gethsemane, St. Anne Church, the Austrian Pilgrim Hospice.

Following the Pioneers Beyond the Walls - Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Mahne Israel, Nahalat Shiv'a, Beit David, Mea Shearim, the Ethiopian Church and the Russian Compound.

Mount Zion, City of David and Siloam tunnel - David's Tomb, the Cenacle, City of David and Siloam tunnel.

Israel Museum - Israel Museum.

Bahai Gardens

From Tel Aviv to Haifa

Mount Carmel - Hecht Museum, Haifa University overlook, Hai-Bar Nature Reserve, Keren HaCarmel.​The Prehistoric Caves - Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve, Kerem Maharal.

Ancient Jaffa and Neve Tzedek - the Clock Tower, Jaffa Port, St. Peter's Church, Simon the Tanner's House, Gan Hapisgah overlook, the hovering orange tree, Neve Tzedek.

Neve Tzedek and the heart of Tel Aviv - Neve Tzedek, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Rokach House, Chelouche House, Abulafia, Plonit and Almonit Alleys, Meir Park, the ancient Town Hall, Bialik House, Trumpelrdor Cemetery.

Haifa - Bahai Temple area - Tikotin Museum, the Sculptures Garden, the Bahai Temple.

Haifa - Stella Maris - Israeli Navy Museum, Cave of Elijah, the Cable Cars, Stella Maris.

Ceaseria - Ancient Ceasaria, Ralli Museums.

Image by Robert Bye

The North

Western Galilee - Rosh Hanikrah, Keshet Cave, Monfort Castle overlook, Ein Hardalit Spring.

Pki'in and Mount Meron - Pki'in, Mount Meron.

Northern Golan Heights - Ein Mokesh Spring, Mount Bental, Quneitra's Syrian Headquarters.

Tzfat- Tzfad fortress, Messiah Alley, Haari Synagogue, Yosef Caro Synagogue, the Armenian Quarter.

Beit She'an Valley - Gilboa overlook, Nahal HaKibbutsim Stream, Gan Guru Zoo.

Upper Jordan River - from Chastelet Castle to the upper Jordan river and to Ein Amphi Spring.

Nahal Kziv Stream - Nahal Kziv and Monfort Castle.

Streams in the Golan Heights - upper/lower Zavitan Stream, Gilabon Stream or El Al Stream.

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